12pm Lunch with Egg Hunt to follow!

First, we’re having a delicious hot dog lunch, free for all (we’ll put out a love offering basket).  We’ll have lots of outdoor shaded seating or bring a blanket to make it a true picnic.

After lunch, we are so excited to offer our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Kids up through 5th Grade are invited to join in the kids egg hunt. BRING A BASKET! All of our treats are nut-free.

This year, we’re also offering a YOUTH EGG HUNT for 6th Grade through 12th, with special prizes along with candy – we know that no one actually grows out of Egg Hunts, it’s so fun!

We’re also having some Easter-related crafts that folks of all ages would love.


We’re asking for LOTS of donations of treat-filled eggs (nut-free, please) for the kiddos, which can go in our big Easter Egg Basket in the lobby–plus small gift cards (like $5 to Bruster’s, $5 to Chick-fil-A, etc) to have a fun Youth egg hunt also; please give these to a staff member for safe-keeping! We also need biodegradable egg cartons, so drop those off, too! We’ll be inviting the children from our local school and our neighboring families to attend. If you can help with lunch or activities, please sign up in the main lobby. We also have a sign up for lunch, so we can start gauging numbers