IMPORTANT NOTICE: Worship on Sunday, December 6 will be VIRTUAL ONLY via Zoom at 10:30am. It will be followed immediately by a Congregational Meeting, for the purpose of electing an elder for 2021. 

Details and the link for the Zoom will be sent the Friday before. PLEASE attend this meeting if you’re able, as we are required to meet a quorum. 

Worship will be held initially in the fellowship hall which can be sanitized more easily, and there will be similar precautions – see bullet points below. Since only a certain number of people will fit in the space while socially distanced, there is a sign-up sheet again for worship. We are arranging 30 blocks of space to fit individuals, couples, and families up to 4. However, if we clearly have more people than seating capacity, we will look at adding an additional worship time. Other than the hallway bathrooms during worship, the rest of the building will remain closed for now..

  • The floor will be laid out in a checkerboard like we have done outside to insure social distancing
  • We will sit in the fellowship hall plastic chairs instead of bringing our own
  • You will be led to your seat by an usher. 
  • Seating will not begin until 10 minutes before the service in order to limit exposure time in the shared indoor space.
  • The check-in station will be outside the back doors under the breezeway.  We will keep an attendance list for contact tracing and your temperature will be checked.  Masks are required.  There will be a basket on the table for you to leave your offering.  When we celebrate communion, you will also receive an individual communion cup/wafer when you check in.
  • Please maintain social distancing when waiting in line for the check-in, and there will be markers to help you know how far apart to stand.  Once you check in, an usher will lead you directly to your square/seat.  Again, seating will not begin until 10 minutes before the service, so please do not come too early or bunch up while waiting.
  • The hallway restrooms will be available, but we ask that only 2 people be in them at a time.
  • Singing has been found to be a “super-spreader”.  When we have been outdoors we have been able to have a couple of people sing, positioned away from the congregation.  However, once we move indoors we will not be able to sing.  Songs will be pre-recorded and played during the service.  We can still have some instrumental music.
  • At the end of the service you will be escorted out one square at a time.
  • As long as you are indoors we ask that you remain seated in your square unless you have an emergency.  If you feel you might need to leave during the service, please wait to be seated near the end of the line so you can be closer to the rear of the fellowship hall.
  • Please do not try to get up and socialize once you have been taken to your square/seat.  Save that for when you are back outside in the parking lot if you like.

Please note that the Sofa Sanctuary will continue to be provided in full in the weeks and months ahead. If you are in any of the groups that have been so extensively commented on during this pandemic as “vulnerable” or “compromised”, please make plans to continue attending virtually. While the steps we’ve noted here are intended to reduce risk, there are no guarantees of safety. Liability notices to that effect will be posted as required by law.

VOLUNTEERING: If you responded to the survey, you may recall being asked whether you will be able to volunteer to help at the service. Many of our current ushers, worship committee members and other volunteers are in a “vulnerable community” or may be medically compromised and will not be available to attend or serve. New volunteers will be absolutely essential for us to be able to meet every week. The six helpers chosen will please arrive 30 minutes early for instructions and assignment.

Please review our FPC Infectious Disease Policy HERE.