Rev. Dr. Alex Moses

My faith journey has been very relational and so I am reminded of Jesus’ description of the two greatest commandments – to love God and neighbor. Those two relationships seem to have been strongly connected in my life. Over the years, there have been people and experiences that have shaped my understanding of God and understanding of God’s will for my life. I am a native of Atlanta, growing up in Sandy Springs. I even spent a summer as a counselor at our nearby Calvin Center. Since those days, my journey has led me to N.C. State University, four years as an engineer officer in the U.S. Army, seminary at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, churches in the mountains of Virginia and the coast of North Carolina, and the Doctor of Ministry program at Princeton Seminary.

God has blessed me with a wonderful family which is a great joy to me. My wife Jennifer and I have three children – Addison, Broecks, and Caroline. My faith grows every day as I experience God anew through the wonder and inquisitiveness of my children.

I look forward to the journey ahead as the pastor of Fayette. I’m sure you will find here, as I have, a genuine and caring group of sisters and brothers in Christ with a heart for mission.