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Christian Education Current Opportunities

New Young Adult Class Forming

Christian Education has an exciting new class beginning this fall for 18 to 30 year olds who are single and not always able to be at Fayette Presbyterian Church. This class will be targeted at college students and others who meet the age requirement and the unattached criteria. The class is not yet titled and will involve technology.... so beware! Come join us online and sometimes in person; we would love to hear from you! Please let us know about your interest in the class or if you know someone who meets the criteria but doesn't read the newsletter. Contact Melanie Mickleboro at mamick@mindspring.com  or 770/631-4922. 

Jr. & S
r. High

Faith For Life Bible studies are a great way to study the Bible and current issues of concern for all Christians. They were created specifically with young adults and Youth in mind. 

Box of Chocolates Sunday School

Box of Chocolates is named after the famous line in "Forrest Gump" - we're like a box of chocolates, because you never know what you'll get. We read a wide range of Christian authors, topics, and books. The opinions in our class run the gamut - from the very conservative to the very liberal.  The main thing that has held this class together for so long is the respect and Christian love we have for each other.  We know that at the end of class, no matter how widely divergent the interpretations of our reading, we will always leave as friends who better understand one another.  We also believe that by reading books that cause us to ask questions about what we believe, we become stronger in our faith. We share leadership of the class, with different people leading discussion of our reading, as well as our prayer time.




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