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2011 Mission Pictures

Our 2011 Mission Team to Neighbor Love in NC
(top) Hein Vingerling, Ray Chally, Brooke Alexander, Mike Higginbotham, Will Howland
(bottom) Emla Abelson, Sam Eldridge, Pam*, Darrell Bandy

* Pam is the owner of the house the team worked on

Darrell and Ray trying to fix the supports under the deck of Pam's house

Sam and Mike working on the railing of the deck

A little landscaping to encourage all those who pass

2010 Mission Pictures


Our 2010 Mission Team to Nicaragua:
(top) Jeff Jeffries, Becky Bradley, Alex Moses, Ray Chally, Lamar Hasty,
Scott Klett, Darryl Bandy, Ron Reams.
(bottom) Vickie Jeffries, Judy Davis, Glenda Hasty, Karen Klett, Sara Reams.

Our Team at work, distributing water filter systems to families

Vickie Jeffries and Darryl Bandy at play with our 2010 Team's Nicaraguan interpreter and a local girl.

2014 Fayette Presbyterian Church. Hosted by: MDS Computer Services
Most pictures are compliments of Pat Cantoni Photography