We have an ongoing list of service projects that we are looking forward to completing for our church and some for members of our church. The list of completed projects continues to grow – check out our bulletin board near the Fellowship Hall.

We meet the first Saturday of each month (unless otherwise announced) at 8am. The meeting generally lasts until 9:30am. At each monthly meeting, we have a good time together listening to men’s devotional Bible presentations and planning new projects to help church and community members. Some exciting plans have been made for the coming year. Come and be a part of these events!

I would like to invite those men of our church who have not attended one of the Saturday morning meetings to please come on out and see what the meetings are all about. We have a good fellowship time with the meetings. Some of the programs are Bible studies and some are work projects. No matter which type of meeting we have, all are dedicated to the glory of God and to bring the men of our church closer to God and closer to each other.

John Sackett
770-864-6370 (call or text)

The Presbyterian Men of FPC – Helping with Needs

The Presbyterian Men need the help of the members of Fayette Presbyterian Church. We are looking for projects that we can accomplish to help our fellow church members. At our December meeting, we talked about various ways we could help. We also discussed mission trips like the ones we have enjoyed over the last few years. If you need help or know of someone who needs help, please contact a member of the Presbyterian Men. We’ll do what we can to take care of the project.

Contact John Sackett

We look forward to serving the members of our church, our community, and our neighbors in other cities and states.