Chris Whitley

Through and through, I am a musician… one of the few certainties in life, other than bills, taxes, and death! My musicianship all began in Forest Park GA, way back in the early 70’s when my young mother, recently divorced with child (me), again living with parents, desperate to learn piano, bought an old upright piano from a neighbor. The piano sat locked most of the time; I was curious. My mother worked all day and had no time to play it. When my mother remarried soon thereafter, we moved into a house in Riverdale and had that piano freighted there. I would bang on the piano until my mother gave an ultimatum: “Either you stop banging that piano and making racket or you agree to take piano lessons!” So, I gave into taking lessons. It all began there!

The rest is standard.. alto saxophone in grade school, then double bass in high school. Jazz band in college, along with a performance major as a pianist at Clayton State College. As an off-shoot of double bass solo pursuits, I decided that cello would be less painful and messy! Later, in the jazz band, I was coerced into switching to bass guitar.. It’s funny, the irony since nowadays everyone’s a purist and wants the double bass for jazz, bluegrass etc, not bass guitar.

In June of 2016, I married another musician, the beautiful Jennifer Rae Litowich.

I am thankful to be the accompanist at Fayette Presbyterian. I get to play an awesome pipe organ and accompany the choir and other talents.

“Nevertheless, the passions, whether violent or not, should never be so expressed as to reach the point of causing disgust; and music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music.”

~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart