Jacob Winslett

I grew up in Douglasville, GA as a Music Minister’s son. I have been married since August 2, 2003, and have loved every moment with my wife, Laurie.

I have an eclectic Christian background, which includes denominations such as Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, and, of course, Presbyterian. I have always loved music and have been playing guitar since high school. In past years, I have been a worship leader in both youth and adult church settings.

I attained my bachelor’s degree in Human Relations at Atlanta Christian College (now Point University), where Laurie and I met. I chose HR as my degree because I’ve always been intrigued by psychology and after a year at Clayton State College and University, I felt like God was leading me towards that field. Classes in high school, personal experience, and seeking God’s will are what really spurred my interest.

Other areas that I am interested in include counseling, psychology, Lord of the Rings (anything by J.R.R. Tolkien), drama, songwriting, story writing, soccer, and anything else I might stumble upon.

I pray that God will use Laurie and me as vessels to hold and pour out His love to everyone we meet.