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April 5 – LivingRoom Lesson for ADULTS

Palm Sunday, April 5
LivingRoom Lesson

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“Unafraid, Session 3” by Adam Hamilton

  1. When has been a time when fear that you would fail, or something you were working on might fail, kept you from going ahead with it?  How can that fear be helpful?  How can that fear be unhelpful?
  2. When was a time that you were afraid to do something, but went through with it and succeeded?  How did you grow from that experience?  Read Matthew 10:1-14.  What thoughts do you think went through the disciples’ heads when Jesus sent them out the first time?  Do you think they had a lot of questions and doubts?
  3. Adam mentions how we all, even the most successful people, worry some about what people think about us or how people will react to something we think.  Why is that concern helpful?  When does that concern become a problem?
  4. Adam describes his love for his children and the thought of having confidence in God’s love and grace.  That confidence frees us from much of our fear of failure and worry about what people think of us.  Read Psalm 139:1-18.  Pick out a verse that gives you confidence and see if you can memorize it.

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